GM TH350 Transmission Assembly Guide

It removes the overlap and picks up Mopars approximately 0. Terry Earwood put it in the Super Stock black Hemi convertible of the Bowers Brothers and instantly went faster and more consistent. History was made that day as Turbo Action valve bodies, transmissions and converters were better than anything they had in their test vehicles! After many months of track testing the Turbo Hydro transmission became consistent with every shift and reliable. Today’s TH metric is fast and reliable. It brought a new standard to safety and consistency in Stock Eliminator and Bracket Footbrake classes. All having engine compression braking in all gears. They require no kick down or vacuum connections. This valve body has no engine compression braking in low gear. It require no kick down or vacuum connections.

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The passing gear on the transmission has never worked. When cruising about 35 mph, if you floor it, it just slowly relatively accelerates. It seems pretty obvious that it is not downshifting. The trans is rebuilt and has no problems shifting normally otherwise. I found an electrical switch on the back of the trans that I was told was the kick down switch.

-For anyone wanting to run a vacuum modulated TH, save your money and buy an ebay manual boost controller instead. Do NOT buy the transgo valve. –Hook up the $15 ebay boost controller in reverse, so that boost will force the ball to close off the flow to the modulator, and vacuum will pull the ball away from the orifice.

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The easiest way to tell them apart is with their pan shapes. But this photo also illustrates their outward appearance. CHP The password for cool ’90s street performance is

+ Requires Vacuum Modulator Hook-Up. *Requires Passing Gear Linkage Hook up & Properly Functioning x If Bolt on Yoke Required, Add BY to Part Number and Note Additional Charge.

January 9, Ok so I got the pan replaced today and it had leaked so much oil in the last month that the tranny would no longer engage. Looks like there may have been two other locations of smaller leaks. The vacuum line was basically screwed so I’m sure some of my driving issues with not shifting may have been related to that, but there are also two coolant lines.

One appears to have been cut and repaired with a rubber hose or was this factory? The hose was very very hard and I doubt was sealing very well at all. I am going to try and get a suitable replacement and fix it the same way.

TH700 Lockup Convertor in old Holden

Forward Clutch Pack Installation Step 1: Install the forward clutch pack steels and frictions. Note that you start out with a waved apply steel. Install the snap ring and push it out tightly into the groove.

Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Chevrolet Camaro parts, including Chevrolet Camaro interior parts and soft trim, Chevrolet Camaro exterior sheet metal, Chevrolet Camaro moldings, Chevrolet Camaro emblems, Chevrolet Camaro weatherstrip and unique accessories, to nearly every nut and bolt needed for installation.

It can lift the unit slowly and then support the weight for hours while you get everything lined up and move other items out of your way. For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: Please feel free to share this article on Facebook, in Forums, or with any Clubs you participate in. You can copy and paste this link to share: Pour at least 1 quart of clean ATF slowly into the torque converter. Lubricate the bearing surface of the hub and slide the torque converter onto the transmission.

Spin the torque converter at the same time to help align the input shaft and stator splines. This may require considerable effort. The final step in the process is to make sure that the notches in the hub engage with the transmission oil pump.

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I haven’t used these, so all I can give is the application notes that are listed on the Hedman website http: Designed for stock mounts in stock location and stock width oil pan, Under chassis exit, Hedders come with street hook-ups, Must notch crossmember on driver’s side, Hedder comes with weld-on collectors, Competition hedder – Allow for extended delivery time. Valve Covers I used tall valve covers without any problems.

They clear the power brake booster fine, but are tight. I am able to remove the drivers side valve cover with no problems.

The round vacuum modulator can create a number of shifting problems. They include harsh up/downshifts, soft up/ downshifts, delayed shifts, overheating, and slippage in all gears. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms the modulator is a good place to start your diagnosis.

The fact that it is not electrically actuated by solenoids means it requires other apparatus to regulate shift points. Simply put, an automatic transmission, whether an early or late model, relies on hydraulic pressure to change gears and to regulate at which time it does so. The vacuum modulator affects the shift points with the use of engine vacuum. Testing the Modulator 1 Block the rear wheels.

Raise the front of the vehicle. Place a jack stand under the frame on each side of the vehicle and lower it to rest on the stands. Start the engine and leave the transmission in park. Look at the hose leading to it from the engine and examine it for cracks that could cause a leak. Shut off the engine and replace the hose if any problems are found. The gauge on the pump should indicate close to 20 inches of vacuum.

If not, check the source of the vacuum on the intake manifold for a blockage and repair it. This is not uncommon. The modulator will malfunction and at the same time, the engine will suck the transmission fluid out of the transmission and it be burnt in the engine.


Adjusted the modulator screwed it almost all the way out The adjustment slot is now flush with the vacuum nipple on the modulator. Fired it up, drove it a few miles and the shift points seem better- still not where they should be though. I’m starting to think this may be torque converter- related or other. A few years ago I took it through emissions- ended up power braking it real bad- they gave me bad instructions and I think I should’ve ran the test in neutral

An automatic transmission modulator is the device that decides when your vehicle should shift. It basically controls and regulates pressure for smooth operation of the automatic transmission.

Thanks for the info. I just bought the and talked the owner to throw in a trans for free. I did some reading and will go with the That is good. You would need to have the case machined for the speedo cable it fit in the case. They say you can use a TF flex and have it drilled for the TH converter. Spacer is harder to come by. If you are going to go with a custom converter have the snout made to TF spec and no need for the spacer. I have a TH in my drag car so did not need to deal with speedo and use after market shifter.

I am using the stock TH flex for now and I had a spacer I use with my custom converter but will fix that on my next one so I don’t have to use the spacer. I mod the stock cross member to work with the TH Dave Either BJsoffroad. I noticed the nailhead TH converter pilot is a bit different from the later one or the one.

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TH Lock Up Converter: Here is a copy of some posts I made on this subject a while back: The other is grounded by the ECM to lock the torque converter.

Jun 15,  · My questions are related to hooking the vacuum modulator up. Where is the best place to hook it up in the manifold? Can I pull vacuum from one of the vac ports on my carb? You may find both shafts could end up being different,the TH is a .

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This switch has a wire going down to the transmission to a detent solenoid inside the transmission that caused the transmission to drop down a gear below 70 mph. We took off the QJet carb almost immediately after we bought the car, replacing it with a Holley carb. You can skip down to wiring part of this article. There you have several choices. The instructions say you should reuse the TH kickdown cable bracket.

Oct 03,  · Just connect a manifold vacuum line to the modulator on the trans. for the down shift, th’s use an electric switch with a 12V input to the trans.

The 2-speed Jetaway trans used behind the V-8 [not the L6] in the models also utilized a switch pitch torque converter. For a transmission built during these three years, you can identify the transmission as having the switch pitch parts by the electrical connector on the side of the trans case. A run-of-the-mill TH will have a single spade terminal protruding from the case to activate the kickdown solenoid valve. A switch pitch aka variable vane trans will have two terminals one for kickdown, one for vane angle.

The TCS is wired to a pressure switch connected to the accumulator piston area, that allows full vacuum to the distributor only when the car is in third gear when the engine is cold. There probably is two wires coming from the thermostatic vacuum switch on the front of the manifold. The other indicator for the switch-pitch converter would be the switch on the throttle linkage which kicks in the high-stall speed at idle and at WOT and, I believe, on those years it also controls the kickdown.

So, a single terminal is proof that the trans is not a switch pitch unit. Also if one is certain that the trans is a or earlier unit didn’t these have the horseshoe-shaped indentation in the tranny pan due to the early-design filter?

Ask Away: How Do You Hook up a Turbo 400 Kickdown? (Hint: It’s Not Like Other 3-Speeds)

July 20, at I have a turbo installed in my 67SS It’s not the original tranny, and I’m not real sure what it came out of. My problem is that it shifts from 1st to 2nd too soon. Also from 2nd to 3rd too soon. By the time I get to 20 mph I’m already in 3rd gear.

Mar 29,  · We use cookies to make wikiHow great. tie it up out of the way. Also, remove the speedometer cable and the vacuum hose from the shift modulator valve. 7. Remove the rear drive shaft. This should give you the room you need to remove the transfer case from the rear of the transmission, if the truck is four wheel drive. The input shaft can Views: 89K.

This trans swapping guide is for early Chevrolet iron and concentrates particularly on first- and second-generation Camaros. It may be the most complete resource guide the crack Chevy High Performance editorial staff has ever created. We have gone to great lengths to supply you with as much swapping information as could be dug up.

The TH is a bolt-in replacement for a PG, making this swap a relatively straightforward one that requires no crossmember or driveshaft modifications. This swap is pretty straightforward in any early Chevy, considering that TH s were optional in most of them. If your vehicle ever came equipped stock with a TH trans, then you could pick up a crossmember from the scrap yard or a source like Classic Industries, which would allow the TH to bolt right into your stock frame.

And the same shifter can be used to control either a TH or TH Another benefit of these overdrive transmissions was that they featured a much deeper First-gear ratio, giving improved acceleration off the line. Today, the three-speed automatic transmission is extinct and all new GM cars and trucks come with overdrive four-speed automatics, making them easy to find and relatively affordable.

This swap requires minimal fabrication skills and very little in the way of custom modifications. The TH is equipped with a removable tailshaft housing that has varied in length for different vehicles over different years.

How to Replace a Vacuum Modulator on a GM TH350/TH400 Transmission

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