How to hook up a car sub in a home theater

Monday, September 05, – Just built a house and ran speaker wire, 14 gauge stranded red and black with a white covering throughout house. Now that I’ve moved in, I installed 2 Niles speakers in bedroom wall to these wires. On other end, my contractor left the wires free flying from the little blue electrical box. OK, so you can probably tell I’m a woman but I am determined. I bought an RCA wall plate with 1 red and 1 black jack.

Let’s build some scoops!

Podcasting , Technology Any system is only as good as the weakest link in the chain and audio systems are certainly no exception to the rule. Attaching speakers to your Hi-Fi system usually only requires a few cables. These potential problems are easy to spot with a few simple tests and luckily the corresponding remedies are equally simple. Left and Right Tests In the grand scale of things, getting your left and right speakers mixed up is not a major problem.

Record producers and mix engineers spend weeks mixing and producing an album and as part of the process they will decide where in the mix to place certain instruments.

Jun 06,  · If it has, you really don’t need a lot of work to hook it up. If it doesn’t have a RCA-out, you might want to consider having a 4-channel amp (with low-pass and hi-pass filter) for you to hook everything with your : Resolved.

These mistakes can range from simple problematic issues to things that could quickly lead to premature device failure. Let me quickly explain why. Every cable has inherent resistance. The thinner the cable, the more resistance the cable will have. There are other factors as well, but this is the big one. The more resistance a cable has, the more it will affect the frequency response which is possible at the end of the cable run.

The reason this is related is because the load the amplifier has to deal with when driving a pair of speakers, changes with frequency. So if you add more resistance with cables that are too thin, you can actually change the sound—particularly at higher frequencies.

Install Subs/Amp to OEM Entune Headunit – 2016

There are two red power supply wires? The diagram above shows only one. I’ll be doing the sub this weekend, so I’m trying to clear up as many things as possible. According to the diagram, that should be the grey wire, right? Anyways, so how’s the sound?

Dec 05,  · So I should hook up L+ on the amp to the L+ on the speaker, then hook up the R- on the amp to the L- on the speaker On the other speaker would be R+ amp to the R+ speaker and L- amp to the R- speaker.

Well to start you well need somethings. In it should include a set of RCAs for sound. A ground wire with fitings which is to connect to your vehicles chasis which is anyplace in your vehicle not to far from the designated place that you choose to put your amp you can you usually ground off of solid metal but not over heavly painted areas unless you plan to do some sanding. Also a 12V constant which is going to connect strait to the positive side of your battery in the vehicle.

This wire will come with about a 15 or 30 amp in line. This wire will be a thick wire Red in color. You will only need one dont let anyone tell you need more than one its called a PAC converter or a line level converter. With that said your set to start the install. It important you do have a few other tools to help the job go smooth. A12v tester or meter if you dont have on you can pick one up virtually anywere. Cremping Tools and end to end connections for your wiring you are going to be doing at the back of the radio when tying your line converter into your factory radio.

The line level converter once again is used to bring your high level frequency to a low level sorce then you will go out of the converter with your RCA’s strait to the amp to give your amp the sound souce it will need to run the sub. Also some PAC converters have an adjutable gain inside them you want to adjust that gain not to high but high enough for your amp to recieve a good strong signal from the radio.

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You can’t send speaker level into the amp so you do need that converter. Also make sure the outdoor speakers are designed to work with a 70v output. The woofer in the speaker may also be a problem.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. A powered subwoofer like a bazooka tube would be the easiest solution. All it is is a tube with a speaker and built in amp. You hook up a power wire, a ground wire, a remote wire, and a speaker level input and you’re done. This is the only way you can hook up a sub to a stock system without an amp. There are a few head units that actually have enough power to push a subwoofer with bridged rear outputs.

This would require a subwoofer with a low continuous power rating and would only sound good in a small vehicle. The only head unit I’ve seen capable of this was a jvc. You can check that out if you want. Otherwise, it’s best to just get an amp and a subwoofer.

Can I hook up a amp and sub to my stock radio?

How do you hook up a new car stereo? Well it helps if you have a repair manual for your car so that you can reference the wiring schematic for the stereo connections it will eliminate a lot of guess work. Using a multimeter find a wire in the connector in the dash that was formerly on the stock radio that has 12 vol…ts when the key is off and this will be your Batt.

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Sorry, something has gone wrong. A powered subwoofer like a bazooka tube would be the easiest solution. All it is is a tube with a speaker and built in amp. You hook up a power wire, a ground wire, a remote wire, and a speaker level input and you’re done. This is the only way you can hook up a sub to a stock system without an amp. There are a few head units that actually have enough power to push a subwoofer with bridged rear outputs. This would require a subwoofer with a low continuous power rating and would only sound good in a small vehicle.

The only head unit I’ve seen capable of this was a jvc. You can check that out if you want. Otherwise, it’s best to just get an amp and a subwoofer. You can use any pair of positive and negative speaker wires as a speaker level input. So yes, with a little more ingenuity a sub woofer and amp can be added to any stock system. This can allow you to hook up almost any stock head unit to any amp you choose. Lots of experience installing systems with cheap and high end equipment, with large budgets to absolutely no budget.

What Gauge Wire Do I Need To Hook Up The Battery To The Amp And For The Amp To The 2 Subs

From personal experience of adding aftermarket amp, sub and speakers to a different car, the head unit is usually garbage and limits bass at some volume so you miss out. I ended up replacing a stock nav system with a double din dvd non nav head unit. No need for factory “upgraded audio” in my opinion.

Oct 26,  · When you decide what you will select for bass you will need an amp kit (what type depends on what you pick for a sub) to add power, source signal, and ground to the amplifier portion of your set-up. You will also need to connect it to the head unit.

Here are pictures and info about the visible upgrades to my stereo. Wiring Diagram is at the bottom. Most information is for LSE model, but there are wire colors at the bottom for other models. I installed a pair of subwoofers in my Disco. I wanted to keep the factory CD changer and I have been pretty happy with the sound quality of the factory radio, but it did need some more bass.

I would love to hear any suggestions on how to get the diversity antennas to pull radio stations in better. I get some static in all but the most powerful stations since I live away from a big city. I ended up getting a pair of Infinity Basslinks. These also have strong construction and come with a durable tight mesh grille.

Install and Wire Up Your Amplifier Like an Audio God

I bought a wiring kit, it came with a watt power wire, the RCA input wires, a remote wire its a little blue one.. Now i got the amp, two 12s in a box How do i hook all this up? I do have a stock cassette player in a 96 blaze

Alternatively you can use a 1-female to 2-male y-splitter (see Subwoofer Y-Splitter image below) and connect the female side to the subwoofer RCA cable and the .

Wiring snake or wire coat hanger 1. With the higher quality kits, these cables often come with a ring terminal attached to one of their ends. Remember to disconnect your negative battery cable from the terminal before you start any electrical work on your car. You may have to peel back the carpet in the interior for a better view. That way you can just poke a hole through the grommet and run your power cable through.

Once your hole is just big enough to pass the cable, protect the edges of the hole with some paint or rust inhibitor like POR Once the paint is dry, install a rubber grommet or firewall bushing into the hole to protect your cable from chaffing against the sharp metal edges. Run the power cable through the grommet from the inside of the car with the ring terminal going towards the battery. As you route the cable inside the engine bay be sure the cable is far enough away from moving engine parts and anything that could pinch it.

Caulk any gaps around the inner edge of the grommet if necessary. Leave the power cable disconnected from the battery for now.

Wiring a Car Audio Amplifier and Headunit Up Indoors Using PC Power Supply

How do you hook up amp to a radio with no RCA input? What you need is a line level converter. This device pinches off existing, amplified, speaker wires coming out of your OEM deck. It has RCAs on it It changes the value of energy from amplified to line level, which your amp is looking for.

Jun 06,  · Best Answer: no need to cut wires or buy a converter just buy an amplifier with high level input and connect the wires from your rear speakers to this, run a live from the battery + (with a fuse near the battery) and a negative to the body of the car near where you mount the amplifier, then run a Status: Resolved.

Tube Stuff Suppliers Appendix B. Tube amps have always been the amplifier of choice for the working musician. Musical myth has ascribed almost magical tone to them. While the results may not be entirely magic, tubes do have a sound that is different from solid state amplifiers, and one that happens to make amplified music sound better to the human ears and brain. There are lots of technical and psuedo-technical explanations for why this should be true, but there is enough solid evidence that it is a real effect to trust it.

The real reason to use tube amps is simply that they sound better. For that advantage, we put up with the poor supply of parts, high prices, fragility and excess heat that they produce. Are Tube Amps louder than solid state amps of the same power? Some excellent scientific work on tube preamplifiers and their distortion products has turned up the mechanism for this.

When tubes are driven outside their linear region, for the first 12db or so of overdrive the harmonics that they produce trick the human ear into thinking that the sounds are getting louder, when in fact the sound is getting progressively more distorted. It is this acoustic trick that can make tube amps sound up to 12db louder than they actually are compared to a perfect, undistorted amplifier. A solid state amplifier of the same power as a tube amp may distort at the same signal level as the tube amp, but the distortions are not subtle, and we hear them as distortion, not as a slightly louder sound.

A solid state amplifier of much greater power would remain undistorted at higher levels, and the tube amp would sound comparably loud to the larger solid state amp. They sound larger than they are.

Do you need an amp if you hook up subwoofers in your car?

One thing I learned pretty early in life is that speakers are not meant to be wired together in a haphazard manner. In fact, whenever you plan to connect more than two speakers to a two-channel amplifier — or more than four speakers to a four-channel amp — there are a few things to consider, not the least of which is the amps ability to handle low-impedance loads. Ignoring the basics is like playing Russian roulette with your amplifier: If youre lucky, itll drive the speakers without incident; if youre not, the amp will fry.

The great thing about a multiple-speaker hookup is that once you master only two basic wiring procedures — “series” and “parallel” — the world is yours to conquer.

Wiring color code for stereo wires connected to factory amp in truck of VW Passat. I need to hook up a – Answered by a verified Car Electronics Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

My Jeeps I recently installed 2 kicker comp 10″ in my 98 jeep cherokee. I purchased an 8 guage wiring kit along with my subs. It came with power wire,ground,speaker wire,fuse, and remote wire. You connect the power wire to the positive of the battery and then make sure your fuse is within 18inches of the battery. Then i ran the power wire through the firewall and down the driver side floor panel to the rear of my car. If you have a upgraded head-unit with rca pre-amp outputs you just connect your RCA’s and follow the same path as your wiring.

Theres a blue wire in your wiring harness behind the head-unit.

How To Wire Speakers and Subwoofers to Your Amplifier – 2, 3, 4 and 5 Channel – Bridged Mode

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