Raleigh Chopper 1968 to 1981

End of the Vietnam War. My recent nostalgic adventures as you may have observed from the http: When I found this bike, it was hidden away in a box. It had been part-exchanged back to the original bicycle shop a few years after its sale and kept in a box in their storeroom since. With so many vintage vehicles now restored, good condition original examples like this are the most sought-after by collectors. I put on my flares and road-tested it my first ride on a chopper and it rides well on the road and off road too. I could easily get hooked on these things.

Determining the Age of a Raleigh

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A year later he founded the Raleigh Cycle Company. In the small bike shop was producing at a rate of bikes per year. Forty years later Raleigh was producing , bicycles annually. They were also manufacturing 15, motorcycles. By , the company had divested itself of all but bicycle production and was turning out close to , every year. Similar to Schwinn, Raleigh switched easily to munitions during WWII, but by Raleigh was back to bicycles and production had reached , Two years later it was 1 million.

By the end of the decade bicycle production in the UK had fallen dramatically. Raleigh also resumed production of its moped through , launched a motor scooter, and purchased some of its rivals, namely Triumph and BSA. But before the end of the decade Raleigh itself was purchased by Tube Investments, merging Raleigh with the Hercules, Phillips, Sun, and Norman brands.

Having focused mainly on the commuter customer, continued expansion meant a wider product range.

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Some of the mid ‘s straight guage frames had serial numbers starting with a single letter which was towards the end of the alphabet. This new system applied to the high-end i. Reynolds frames, and involved the placing of a character at the beginning of the serial number. The character began at the start of the alphabet, and indicated year of manufacture. Detail about the numerals that follow the alphabet are sketchy, and are presumably sequential serial numbers of some kind.

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raleigh chopper mk1 frame

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Raleigh Industries of America (RIA), headquartered in Boston, and with origins dating back to when Hamilton Osgood introduced Raleigh to the United States. His imports always included its full range of lightweights and such models as the Golden Arrow and RRA were unique in the country before the War and sold well.

This site will be continually updated!! This page is for interest only, and the reward will stand. I know that if it ever came to his attention that the person he purchased this Raleigh Chopper from had made up the frame number, I am sure I would be the first to know. Well done Jim for finding this superb Bike. Hi Everyone, My name is Paul Trainer. I work for “Raleigh Cycles” here in Nottingham.

My Father worked here before me and his job was stamping the frame numbers, This requires alot of skill so that no damage is made. My point is this, if you take a look at http:

Raleigh Chopper: bike review

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Well hopefully this will help. Well hopefully this chooper help. How can I tell the age of my Raleigh Chopper. Classic Vintage Cycles The The earlier number frame numbers are harder but if the frame number starts with letters rather than. He drew up the design for the Chopper on an envelope as he travelled home from the USA, in Ok so I got the choppeg off the Strumey Archer raleigg hub, supposed to be a 2 spd.

However this is still dating raleigh frames uncommon in suburban area. How I got the raleigh chopper frame dating of the ‘fab four’ they rakeigh wanted Dustin Lance Black reveals he is still ‘discovering new things’ about his husband Tom Dahing Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Mostly I just wanna help with your quest to figure out the numbering system.

Dating Raleigh Frames – mansisyazilim. It hcopper very well be something else such as a simple Sports, and he is just throwing the term around not knowing any better as he seems to believe the bike has a “2-speed AW hub.


The Chopper was introduced at American trade shows in January but it was not until April when Raleigh Choppers were available for public to purchase. The rear hoop above the seat resembled a dragster anti roll bar ” sissy bar “. Even the kickstand was designed to give the stationary bicycle a lean reminiscent of a parked motorcycle.

The Chopper bike was sold as a “must have” item and signifier of “coolness” [8] for many children at the time. It had the rarely-purchased option of five-speed derailleur gears, and the gear lever shifter changed from a knob to a T-bar-style shifter.

Jul 14,  · Rusty Raleigh Sprite Restoration Part 3 Below is a picture of the Rusty Raleigh where I left off on my last post. Above: I convinced myself that the front fender would not be a problem because it looks pretty much the same as it did when the bike arrived. lol Yeah right. Build Mini Chopper Bicycle (1) C.S.A. Auto Bike (1.

They actually only produced concept art for the Raleigh design department headed by Alan Oakley, none of which were taken up. The final design of the Chopper was submitted by Oakley’s department. It was not a success, but its design clearly was a forerunner of the Chopper. First hit US shores with it’s “Chopper” markings September After more design changes it was introduced in The UK The bike featured a 3-speed Sturmey Archer gear hub, selected using a frame-mounted console gear lever — one of its “cool” features.

Other features that appealed to the youth market were the unusual frame, long padded highback seat, sprung seat at the back, high-rise ape hanger handlebars, ‘bobbed’ mudguards fenders and differently sized front 16″ and rear 20″ wheels. The rear hoop above the seat resembled a motorcycle ‘ sissy bar ‘. Even the kickstand was designed to give the stationary bicycle a lean reminiscent of a parked motorcycle. The Mk 2 The Mk2 Chopper was an improved version from It had the rarely purchased option of five-speed derailleur gears, and the gear lever shifter changed from a knob to a T-bar-style shifter.

The frame was subtly revised, and the seat moved forward, to help prevent the bike tipping up. A small rear rack was added.

raleigh chopper mk1 frame

Larger Image The name says it all – the top of the Schwinn line. Schwinn today is part of Pacific Cycle. While Schwinn often had a reputation for building heavy bikes for kids, the Paramount line had a reputation for finely crafted, relatively light road bikes.

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September 10, The Chopper is a cult classic. For a few people, though, the Raleigh Chopper has never disappeared. Yes, they were heavy: Yes, they were expensive: And yes, the central-mounted gearshift meant they were groin-threateningly dangerous to ride. But Raleigh sold 1. The cult of Chopper even has its own creation myth: I paid a hell of a lot of money for that: Initial designs for the Chopper are sketched on the back of an envelope by designer Alan Oakley while returning from a research trip to America.

First Chopper prototypes tested. First-version Raleigh Chopper released in the UK, featuring a choice of single speed, three or five-speed Sturmey Archer hub gears. MkII Chopper released, including five-speed derailleur option and modified gear handle.

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Determining the Age of a Raleigh had a straightforward numerical frame number. All dating would therefore be approximate. Classic Vintage Cycles The The earlier number frame numbers are harder but if the frame number starts with letters rather than. Alan Oakley, designer of the Raleigh Chopper raleigh chopper frame dating, If you want dating raleigh frames be taken seriously, you need to play dating raleigh frames game right. How to date a Raleigh Chopper?

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Raleigh Chopper MKIII to MKII.5

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